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Chef Stations

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CHEF CARVED ROUND OF BEEF  Seasoned and tenderly cooked eye round of beef, served with your choice of sauce: - marinated mushrooms and a port wine demi sauce - fresh rosemary and tarragon herbs blended into a light cream sauce

CHEF CARVED ROASTED TURKEY  Seasoned and roasted turkey breast with cranberry sauce

CHEF CARVED BEEF BRISKET  A very flavorful cut of meat seasoned with spices and smoked, slowly baked and served with caramelized onions - sauces include:  pomerey mustard, spicy barbecue, and sweet barbecue 

CHEF CARVED TRI-TIP   Seasoned with the tastiest of spices and served in its natural juices

PRIME RIB Prime rib with an onion garlic rub baked to a juicy medium rare served with horseradish cream 


Ask for our dessert menu.

We have an array of sweets

to satisfy any crowd. 

$12 per person

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