We have friendly and professional waitstaff for your service needs with many years of service and has serviced hundreds of weddings, bbq and corporate events. Sometimes we get request for helping with festivals or they may want someone to help them with simple task they have for an event and food may not even be involved. 

$27 per hour. Minimum $135.

$41 per hour if you need help with food prep or using oven or stove in any way. Minimum $205




We provide licensed and friendly bartenders for your special event. Weddings, Anniversaries, Corporate, At Home Events. You Name it and we are there.
Beer, Wine and Non Alcoholic Beverages
$30 per hour. $150 Minimum
If champagne and/or spirits is included in your menu of drinks price will be
$41 per hour.  $205 minimum
We also provide glassware for $1 each
Bars range from $60-$150